Plum Boxed Wedding Invitations + Crown Brooch Embellishments

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Unforgettable luxurious boxed wedding invitation with plum silk and crown diamond brooch embellishment


Crowns are a symbol for royalty, luxury and purity. We have integrated a set of gold plated brooches with violet diamond stone for the embellishment of this boxed wedding invitation design.
Brooches were attached to the top lid with a four inches wide violet station silk ribbon that gives the right contrast to the plum color silk box.
The box has plenty of space on the inside with a extra pocket behind the lid for reception cards and ribbon holder on the padded bottom inside to place the main invitation card inside.
A boxed wedding invitation design by Dennis Wisser is the most luxury way imaginable when sending out invitation cards for wedding events, grand openings, baby shower or birthday parties.
Fully hand-crafted in our factory in Chiang Mai, Thailand we encourage our clients to buy our products for less but with the highest quality they deserve.

Box measurements: 5.5×7.5×1 inches
Material: Silk and satin
Features: Diamante crystal brooch, satin silk ribbon
Usage: Wedding invitations, birthday invitations, baby shower invites, grand opening
Special: Unforgettable luxury invitation design

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