Beach Wedding Invitation Folder


The beach party or beach wedding event starts just more luxury with this cute wedding invitation folder featuring silk and starfish brooch.


Aqua blue color beach wedding invitation folder, covered with aqua blue silk. The exterior is padded.
Inside left features pocket while silk corner holder are added on the right. This is where the invitation cards are placed.
You need another color? No problem, send us your wholesale inquiry today.

  • Price: The prices shown online are usually higher, if you are planning to place a bulk order with us you are suggested to contact us first
  • Wholesale: All our beautiful invitation boxes are also sold at factory price and exported to our event planner and businesses worldwide. Please contact us for prices
  • Product measurements: 4*7 inches or custom size that suits your invitation cards
  • Material: Silk
  • Theme: beach party or wedding invitation
  • Embellishment: Starfish rhinestone brooch
  • Customize it: We can customize the invitation for our customer in terms of size, color and embellishment style.
  • Delivery of your order: Worldwide delivery with DHL express
  • Color shown: Aqua blue silk, ivory double faced ribbon
  • Others: High quality product made in our factory in Thailand for high end invitation projects
  • Usage: Beach party invitations, beach wedding invitations or formal event invitation

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