Beautiful Padded Silver Thai Silk Gift Box With Hinged Lid


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The purity and exclusiveness of hand-woven Thai silk is impressive. It’s unique fabric is basically every time a limited edition because each piece is hand-woven and can never be identically. We use pure Thai silk since 2006 to manufacture these fully hand-made Thai silk gift  and jewellery boxes. The hinged id is padded on the inside and outside, also the interior of this elegant silk box is padded. Our clients have now the possibility to order such box in their favourite color, size and with e logo embroidery or logo print to brand this design under your name. Extra inlays inside the box or other wishes are possible to be manufactured in our factory. We are a medium sized manufacturer or fully hand-crafted packaging boxes, bags and pouches from Chiang Mai.

Product measurements: 7×3.5×3 inches
Style: Hinged lid box
Usage: Gift box, jewellery box, favour box

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