Bespoke Wedding Invitation Featuring Monogram Embroidery & Rhinestone Clasp


Here on we display exclusive invitation creations that can be customised in size, color and design by our clients world-wide. Discover high end invitation folder, boxes and pouches that are authentic and designed by us.

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Great couture invitation creation exclusively sold here on
This creation is covered with silk, embroidered with a monogram design of your choice, embellished with A grade rhinestone crystal clasp and padded on the outside. This high quality invitation design is used for wedding invitations, birthday invitations, religious invitations and events. Color of silk, ribbon as well as embroidery can be chosen by you. Pockets behind doors. The folder is unlocked in the center, the two doors open from the center. The inner features silk corner holder in the center and pockets behind doors inside. Bespoke design for a Special invitation.

Product measurements: 6×8 inches
Material: Silk
Color featured: Black silk & maroon ribbon, maroon embroidery
Features: Rhinestone clasp embellishment that can lock the doors from outside, pockets on the inside, silk corner holder

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