Black Silk Trifold Pocket Wedding Invitation

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Discover endless possibilities of creating a luxury wedding invitations with due fold, singe fold or ti fold folio invitations that are hand-crafted and covered with silk, card-stock or linen materials.


Exclusive black color trifold wedding invitation design created by
This hand-crafted wedding invitation idea is suitable for acrylic invitation cards and can be made in individual sizes and colors for our clients.
The exterior is padded. Pockets are placed behind each door on the inside. A 1 inches wide ribbon holder was placed across on two corners.

Folder measurements: 6.5 x 7.5 inches
Material: Silk
Color: Black
Usage: House acrylic invitation cards or wedding invitations that are thicker than usual.
Wholesale: All our wedding folder and silk invitations are manufactured in our factory and sold also for wholesale
Export: Via DHL express worldwide

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