Blush Pink & Purple Silk Eye Mask


Elegant wedding gifts that are elegant, unique and made of 100% silk just for you. Give the best, give in luxury!

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Give gifts that are style is and usable, give your event guest or company members silk eye mask, hand-crafted in Chiang Mai, Thailand with 100% taffeta silk.
Our eye mask are made in “one size fits all” and can be ordered in individual colours and sizes. Embroidery of for example “sleeping beauty”, company logos or slogans can be added onto the eye mask. Clients that ordered this eye mask usually ordered it in combination with one of our customisable packaging boxes or drawstring bags as a gift set. get in touch with us today and let’s manufacture a most luxury gift for the once you put value in your life!

Material: 100% taffeta silk
Feature: Fine padding and smooth look and feel
Extra: 100% hand-made product of Thailand

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