Brocade Embroidered Silk Shoulder Fashion Handbag


Detail work and perfection is important for the craftsmen of all our hand-crafted silk handbags. Discover our collection of fashionable embroidered bags and purses available at low price. Manufactured with pure 100% taffeta silk.

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The bold looking brocade embroidery makes this shoulder bag design look almost like a bag used by royalty back in the days. Zippered closure with soft shoulder handles and extra pockets on the inside makes this bag a practical and stylish must have bag for spring and summer times. Available for retail and wholesale.

Product measurements: 26 cm x 40 cm x 9cm
Material inside: Black lining
Material outside: 100% silk
Color inside: Black
Color silk : Brown and cream
Color embroidery : Cream
Features: zipper closer, zipper & handle pocket inside
Back side & front side are the same

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