Brown Cotton Summer Fashion Shawl


Elegant dark brown cotton shawl design with silver thread work


All snazzy women should deserve our stylish handmade cotton shawls featured in brown with silver thread work. Handmade in Chiang Mai our cotton shawls are exported to all over the world via DHL express. Ask for different colors and wholesale prices.

Shawl measurements: 33 cm wide * 160 cm (size can vary a little from shawl to shawl)
Color: Brown with silver accents (color can vary a little from shawl to shawl, each shawl is unique)
Handmade: All our shawls are locally made and 100% handmade
Material: 100% cotton
Usage: Fashion shawl item for your summer fashion
Different color: If you need one of our shawls in another color please contact us, we also offer customized shawls to our clients

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