Bohemian Hippie Style Bag Canvas Cotton Sling Crossbody Hobo Messenger Bag For Yoga & Freetime


Thai style monk bag inspired cross body sling bag in black featuring zipper closure and extra long and wide shoulder handles. Buy from ready made stock or place wholesale custom order now.


Solid black color cross-body style yoga bag, inspired by Bohemian Hippie style sling bags. This design was sewn out of durable canvas textile and sold under the brand by Balance of Life worldwide. Besides the quality material we added zipper closure and  front pockets to make this bag more practical for every day use, whatever meditation, travel or yoga. This bag is practical with a timeless design and long lasting materials featuring durable double stitching and rounded bottom that gives some extra space inside the bag.

  • Bag measurements: Bag body 15.50 inches wide * 7.50 inches deep * 13.50 inches (without handles, measured in center) Plus 40 inches long shoulder handle
  • Material: Durable 100% cotton canvas
  • Color: Solid black
  • Usage: Travel, meditation, yoga, freetime bag
  • Wholesale: This product is sold for wholesale, contact here to receive a quick quote, you can also ask for discount when buying more than 4 bags for retail!
  • Delivery/Export: Send with DHL express
  • Feature: Zippered bag closure, normal front bag, zippered hidden back pocket and extra long shoulder straps
  • Custom yoga bag available: All wholesale buyers can order this bag with custom logo, custom size and different textiles including hemp, linen and silk
  • Quality: High quality eco bag product of Thailand

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