Deep Pink Butterfly Embellished Three Fold Wedding Invitation


Unique handmade silk wedding invitation folio with padding outside + large luxury butterfly brooch embellishment


This pretty in pink invitation folio is ideal for baby shower invites (where you know the mother-to-be is having a girl) and birthday party invitations, as well as for weddings where the color theme is deep pink. This enticing shade will encourage people to display their invitation where everybody can see it, ensuring they have no chance of forgetting about the event.
Padded on the outside and wrapped in luxurious silk, with a beautiful large butterfly clasp embellishment, this folio has been handmade at our factory in Thailand. On the inside you can choose to have a pocket or ribbon holder on the centre, which is where the invitation will sit. There are more pockets on the inside of the doors which can hold RSVP cards and menu options. This card usually measures 6 x 8 inches, but we can alter the size, colour and even the type of embellishment to suit your needs. So if your baby shower is for a boy rather than a girl, we can provide a blue folio with a more appropriate rhinestone brooch. And if silk isn’t your thing, change it for velvet, suede or lace fabric.

  • Material: Faux silk
  • Color: Deep pink
  • Style: Luxury wedding invitation
  • Usage: Wedding invitations, baby shower invitations, Christening, Baptism, Jewish wedding
  • Product Measurements: 8*6 inches or in custom size
  • price: Please contact us for a quote
  • Custom made: Custom size, color possible
  • Wholesale: Sold to wholesale buyers worldwide

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