Deliver Your Announcements & Invitations In This Luxury Black Box Set


Prestige creations of unique and luxury announcement and invitation presentation your guest will never forget.


This beautiful black themed boxed invitation set included a padded luxury silk box which will feature your own monogram or embroidery of the names of the bride and groom. It also includes a elegant matching black cardboard paper mailing box. It does not include the wedding cards which you however can order easily locally at low cost.
The silk invitation box has a pocket behind the lid inside the box and elastic bands on each corner on the bottom to place a normal invitation card or even acrylic invitations. We can replace elastic bands with silk corners or ribbon holders upon request. Different colors and sizes can be ordered upon request.

Product measurements of the hinged lid box: 5x7x1 inches with a slightly larger mailing box
Material: Silk, cardboard and imported paper
Usage: Announcements of a special day or event, wedding invitations, anniversaries or religious event invitations, condolence invites

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