Dupioni Silk Hinged Lid Invitation Box For Events With Dupioni Silk & Diamond Brooch


Elegant invitation box featuring fine dupioni silk and rhinestone crystals for wedding, gala and event invitations that need a luxury appearance


Take your invitations to the next level with hinged lid invitation boxes, covered with pure dupioni silk. The padded, stylish box promises luxury expression. Place invitation cards onto the removable pad, behind the embellished ribbon inside the box and any extra cards behind the hinged lid. Enjoy a completely padded box that is entire hand-crafted in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The pure dupioni silk and rhinestone crystal diamond style brooches are the peak of a luxury invitation your guest will long remember. Size and color can be changed. There might be a minimum order to receive the listed price so you better contact us before placing your order. or order now online if you order above 80 boxes.

Product measurements: 7.25×7.25×1 inches
Material: 100% dupioni silk
Feature: Padded interior and exterior, hinged lid, Czech rhinestone brooch
Shape: Square
Name: Wedding box
Wholesale: We offer wholesale prices for all our luxury invitation boxes, stationary and folder with worldwide export
Quality: Hightest quality wedding box design made in our factory in Thailand
Customize: Add monogram embroideries or foil stamp at extra cost
Color: Cream
Usage: Place invitation cards for events inside the box. Used for events including wedding, birthday, baptism, baby shower, bachelor party invitations and so much more

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