Eco Packaging Box With Recycled Cardboard Laminated With Mulberry Paper With Leaves


For more than two centuries our factory has been manufacturing eco packaging boxes for clients all over the world. Our handmade mulberry paper boxes suit perfect for all kind of eco packaging requirements. Each box can be manufactured in a customized color and size, logo printed and comes with recycled cardboard taht is laminated witb 100% handmade mulberry paper from our region.


If you are looking for environment friendly packaging solutions for your business or friends you should try our handmade mulberry paper boxes. The featured box comes with green saa paper decorated with leaves from the mulberry tree. The box has a removable lid and can be ordered in a customized size if needed. Our wholesale buyers are welocme to order this packaging box for their business branded with logo print or embossed logo on the lid.

Material: Recycled cardboard laminated with mulberry paper by using natural latex glue
Style: Lift lid box for eco packaging and gift box demand
Color: Green
Usage: Gift packaging, wedding box, tea box, shoe box
Box measurements: 9x6x3 inches (This box can be ordered in custom size)
Wholesale: All our mulberry paper eco packaging boxes are also sold to businesses at factory price
Export: By DHL express worldwide

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