Initial Embroidered Gate-Fold Silk Invitation With Crown Pair Brooch Embellishment


Ivory two-door folio featuring monogram embroidery + crown brooch embellishment


Ivory two-door folio featuring monogram embroidery with luxury crown brooch embellishment, hand-crafted in our factory in Chiang Mai, Thailand.
The folio closes with two doors, each door is embellished with one crown brooch. The exterior was entirely padded with soft foam before silk was covered. Inside pockets behind doors. The middle part of this folder is featuring ribbon corners to hold wedding or party invitation cards. As an additional feature we have padded and then embroidered the pockets inside. This is where you can add your unique monogram with us the way you like it. This style is available in all colors for silk, ribbon and embroidery see also color chart here. Crown pair brooches available in silver, rose-gold, bronze upon request.


  • Features: Handmade, custom initial embroidered doors left and right, rhinestone pair brooch embellishment
  • Material: Sturdy cardboard covered with fine silk. Padded with 3 mm foam on the outside
  • Color featured: Ivory silk and matching ivory/cream ribbon
  • Wholesale: This design is sold also to wholesale buyers, please contact us for prices
  • Style: Two-door style with embroidered doors + crown embellishment
  • Product Measurements: 7 x 7 inches
  • Custom invitation: We can customize size, color of silk and ribbon and embroidery for you
  • Delivery: Your orders are shipped with DHL express

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