Off-White Extravagant Silk Invitation Folder With Pocket & Large Pearl Brooch Embellishment



This off-white invitation folder is commonly used by clients for wedding invitation cards, menu cards for the dining table of the event or as a formal card holder. We used sturdy quality cardboard, added one layer of 6 mm foam for the exterior and laminated with or shiny satin silk fabric. The exterior features a satin silk sash and large pearl brooch.

Folder measurements: 5 inches wide * 7.5 inches high
Color: Off white silk, ocean sash
Material: Sturdy cardboard with foam padded exterior and large pearl brooch embellishment, satin silk fabric laminated
Usage: Event invitations, wedding cards, menu cards
Customize it: This silk invitation design can be customized in sash and silk custom color as well as customized size
Handmade: All our luxury invitation designs are handmade in our factory in Thailand
Wholesale: Businesses can order our designs at wholesale price
Features: Pocket holder left inside, corner card holder right inside, padded exterior with 4″ sash and large pearl brooch

extravagant pearl wedding invitations
extravagant pearl wedding invitations

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