Floral Lace Wedding Invitation & Diamante Clasp


Luxury 7*7 inches square shaped tri-fold floral lace invitation for wedding invitation cards, corporate events or parties that need something extravagant that stands out.


Our classic lace invitation design kept in due tone with burgundy and ivory. A special occasion deserves unique invitations. Our embroidered lace invitation are handmade with attention to detail. First we covered the padded folder with fine silk fro our region, then we added an extra layer of imported lace fabric with floral design and lastly embellished with our classic diamante clasp.

  • Style: Trifold
  • Size: 7*7 inches
  • Minimum order: 70 pieces
  • Price: Please contact us to receive a quote, the price offered to you might be lower than displayed
  • Important: The lace flowers might vary from order to order as each lace fabric roll is unique and can differ in flower size and shape
  • Usage: Gala, wedding, party, birthday
  • Wholesale: Sold for wholesale at factory price, please contact us for prices
  • Feature: Covered in silver with extra layer of imported embroidered floral lace fabric, pockets inside, due tone style, padding, diamante clasp
  • Color: Ivory silk, off-white lace with silver and white embroidery, burgundy ribbon and burgundy silk pockets
  • Wholesale: This invitation design is also offered to event planners and stationery stores at wholesale price
  • Export: DHL express worldwide with 3-4 days delivery time
  • Production time: 14-25 days, up to order quantity

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