Golden Glitter Wedding Invitation Box With Blush Pink Silk & Golden Crown Brooches


Premium invitation box designs by Dennis Wisser. This one is very special, we added an extra layer of imported glitter lace fabric and embellished with very matching gold plated crown brooches. This gatefold box style comes in different color variations and sizes.


Glitter lace box with luxury crown brooches used for invitation cards. Laminated with premium quality silk from Thailand, padded on the interior and exterior with pocket holder on the inside.
his luxury box design by Dennis Wisser is available in custom size and color if requested.

Box measurements: 7x7x1 inches
Material: Sturdy cardboard laminated with silk, then lamented with glitter lace and lastly embellished with metal brooches
Feature: padded interior, padded exterior, metal brooches, handmade, glitter lace and silk lamination, pocket holder
Original: All our designs are original and usually designed by Dennis Wisser
Handmade: Handmade high quality invitation box design made in Thailand
Wholesale: Our factory offers luxury wedding invitations, stationary and packaging designs at wholesale price for resellers
Customize: Size and color is customisable, glitter lace also available in silver
Monogram: Monogram foil stamp or embroideries can be added

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