Hand-Crafted Couture Box Wedding Invitations


Couture invitations featuring silk and rhinestone brooches from Chiang Mai, Thailand For Invitation Cards.


Couture invitation box from our boxed wedding invitations category. Super stylish lid with hand-made tufted silk that lays onto fine padding and features a unique rhinestone brooch embellishment on it’s center. This is one of our high end invitation boxes, a design that will be long remembered and stand out from common invitations. Buy high end boxed wedding invitations in couture style and choose the color and size with us.

Material: Silk
Product measurements: 7x7x1.5 inches
Color: Blush pink silk with silver rhinestone brooch
Features: Two pieces box with removable lid, padded exterior, ribbon holder on each corner on the bottom, pocket holder behind lid inside, high quality rhinestone brooch

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