Handmade Vintage Wedding Scroll Invitation


Vintage scroll invitation for wedding, rustic parties or just people that love environment-friendly products as much as us. Scroll is made with handmade mulberry paper, mango wood and handmade paper cord. The set comes include custom printed envelope and custom printed invitation


Handmade scroll wedding invitation available in a choice of paper colors and with custom print. Entirely made with eco-friendly materials, handmade in our workshop.
Each scroll comes individually printed with your design, includes handmade paper cord and paper envelope with your monogram or graphic printed on it.

  • Scroll size: DIN A4 Mulberry paper with 1 inches diameter scroll ends
  • Design/text: Please contact us first, we will tell you how to e-mail us the text or artwork for printing. Customization is welcome and we will give you support through WhatsApp and e-mail.
  • Material: Natural wood, handmade mulberry paper
  • Minumum order: 70 pieces
  • What is included: Envelope with custom print, teak wood scroll wit custom printed mulberry paper
  • Color: Light yellow with color print, natural brown wood (Mulberry paper and wood is available in other color options, contact us)
  • Style: Vintage scroll, environment-friendly invitations

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