Handmade Wedding Invitations With Beautiful Silk & Rhinestone Brooch


Buy High-End Handmade Invitations With Beautiful Silk & Rhinestone Brooch For Your Special Wedding Day And Impress Guest & Family From The Start

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Beautiful handcrafted silk covered wedding invitation folder. Trend design created by Dennis Wisser featuring a color combination of aqua blue and cream. Fine padded exterior and a large rhinestone embellishment ensure you will drive attention from the start of your special day. Hand-made in Thailand our wedding folder are perfect for brides looking for a high end invitation.
Pockets behind both doors and extra ribbon holder on the center inside. The crystal clasp is a two pieces design which locks in the center, made specifically for gatefold invitations and pocket folder. Our designs are made available for clients in various colors and can be customised in size and shape. Prior order you are invited to get in touch with us so that we can discuss details with you personally.

Product measurements: 6×6 inches
Product color: Aqua blue with cream color ribbon
Feature: A grade rhinestone clasp, pocket holder behind doors, ribbon card holder in center inside
Usage: To place invitation cards for gala, wedding and party invitations inside
Shape: Square
Feature: Rhinestone clasp embellishment, padded putside, pocket holder inside, handmade
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