High End Boxed Wedding Invitation For Spring Time That Are Perfect For Your Event


Since 2006 we have been designing high end invitations for wedding & announcements for the special event. Discover our unique collection of breathtaking creations that are made to impress your loved once and stand over the top.


Silk & rhinestone are the main elements that make this high end boxed wedding invitation special. Our boxed couture invitations are along the most famous designs featured in our collection. Make your event outstanding by choosing one of our various invitation designs. The box is padded inside on the bottom and the outer top is padded. Pockets are used for RSVP cards, additional satin silk ribbon holder on the corner keep the main wedding card in place. Clients can order this high end invitation in their favourite color and size. Contact us for wholesale inquiries or discount rates for large volume orders.

Product measurements: 6.5×7.5×1 inches
Feature: Card pocket holder, rhinestone crystal embellishment, double faced quality ribbon
Usage: Special day announcements that include wedding, event, religious occasions and baby shower parties
Material: Silk
Color: Plum & purple
Theme: Spring wedding
Style: Gatefold boxed invitation
Designer: Dennis Wisser
Usage: Gala invitations, wedding, elegant party invitation
Quality: Handmade high quality product of Thailand
Wholesale: All our boxed invitations are manufactured in our own factory enabling us to supply event planners and businesses worldwide at affordable cost

Luxury boxed invitation that stand out
Luxury boxed invitation that stand out

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