Ivory High End Couture Boxed Wedding Invitation That Stands Out


Special invites are manufactured in the Wisser Factory since 2006. Discover hundreds of prestige high end invitations that are covered in silk or luxury paper. get the most out of your event with hand-crafted wedding invitations that stand out.


Dupioni silk gatefold box shown in ivory with a double side monogram embroidery and pearl brooch embellishment. Door closure with pockets behind doors inside and a padded bottom with decent ribbon corner holder. A special invitation box for any special event you wish to invite guest to. The embroidery can be customised as well as color and size. Get your couture invitations and high end wedding invites from our factory at special prices.

Product measurements: 6x8x1 inches
Material: 100% dupioni silk
Color featured: Ivory silk with charcoal grey embroidery
Style: Couture invitation box
Manufacturer: The Wisser Factory, Chiang Mai, Thailand
Usage: Event invitations, Wedding Invitations, Invitations To Baby Shower Parties, Baptism, Religious events

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