Ivory Wedding Box For Invitation Cards With Brooch

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Ivory textile covered wedding box with padding and removable pad for luxury cards.  offers a wide selection of ready to display wedding card boxes in many colors and designs.


Inviting guest to a prestige and unique event becomes more special with handmade wedding boxes. Our creations are covered with fine woven faux silk, embellished with original rhinestone brooches and padded inside and outside. The standard size of 7x7x1 inches can be reduced or increased to a different size that suits your wedding card format. Custom orders such as wedding boxes in a specific color or embellishment can be placed with our design team. Contact us to discuss your wedding box order with us, we are here to assist 24/7.

Product measurements: 7x7x1″
Material: Faux silk
Color: Ivory
Usage: Wedding cards, invitations, baptism, Christening

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