Large Rhinestone Clasp To Embellish Wedding Invitation Boxes & Pocket Folder


Couture invitations look even better when embellished with brooches or other arrangements involving rhinestone crystal. It’s beautiful look and bling will make everyone easily fall in love with such extraordinary look.

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One of our largest rhinestone clasp used to embellish our couture wedding and event invitation creations. It is a two pieces design that connects in the center with the ability to lock the two pieces together like for example done at the design here. This design is perfect for any gatefold style invitations or wedding invitation boxes including designs like this
But even if you do not wish to use it as a  clasp you can still embellish the exterior of any box or folio in a a way like we have done it here.
Please order at least 100 pieces of this design.

Clasp measurements: 3.5 x 2 inches
Style: Luxury rhinestone clasp for the embellishment of couture Invitations. Connector style that locks in the center
Design: Royalty inspired design with silver plating and clear rhinestones

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