Lavender and Pink Satin Clover Bag


Jewellery or wedding favor? This clover bag can house them all, a multi purpose pouch made with satin and available for wholesale now!


With this satin clover bag, themed in blush pink and lavender your can present wedding favor or jewellery in a modern and extravagant way. A light satin ribbon drawstring enables to close this design. The inner of the clover can house candies, chocolate, pearls or even jewellery. It’s an multi-purpose much with style and uniqueness. This satin bag comes in various sizes and colors including ivory, snow white and aqua blue. Order them while they are hot!

Feature: Hand-made
Material: High quality satin fabric
Color: Lavender + pink
Style: Clover bag
Product Measurements: 4.5×4.5 inches“

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