Light Teal Color Silk Wedding Folder & Large Brooch Embellishment


Stylish and unique invitation creations, hand-crafted in Thailand by using fine silk and elegant crystal brooches.

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Teal wedding folder, designed for your luxurious wedding event. Stunning huge rhinestone brooch embellishments placed on double faced satin silk ribbon.
Padded exterior. Interior with silk corner holder for the main card in the centre part and 2.5 inches high pockets behind each door. This luxury wedding invitation design is well received along our clients and one of our new best seller now.
Size and color is up to our client but we recommend this teal and purple combination.

Product measurements: 5.75×8.25 inches
Material: Silk
Style: Gatefold invitation
Usage: To hold wedding, gala, formal event inviattion cards in style
Can I customize? Yes, size and color can be customized in our factory
Color: Light teal silk and plum/purple ribbon
Wholesale: Please contact us for prices

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