Luxury Baby Shower Pocket Fold Invitations


Buy Luxury Baby Shower Invitations With Crystal “Boy” or “Girl” Embellishment. Unique + Luxury Baby Shower Invitation Folder


Super cute and stylish is this trendy baby shower invitation folio creation by Dennis Wisser. Classic padded invitation folder featuring pocket and corner holder. Padded exterior which can be either embellished with crystal or pearl letter sticker saying “boy” or “girl” or if requested by the client we could add a specific name on the folder.
Hand-crafted high quality luxury baby shower invitation design from Thailand.

Feature: Padded exterior, pocket holder, silk corners
Material: Silk
Color: Aqua blue for boys and classic pink for the girls. Custom color upon request.
Style: Crystal letter embellished silk wedding folder
Product Measurements: 5.5×5.5″

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