Luxury Couture Boxed Wedding Invitation In Off-White & Ocean Blue With Brooch


We are Thailand’s premium wedding box factory offering the most extravagant invitation boxes that are laminated with satin silk and embellished with finest crystal brooches available.


Extravagant boxed wedding invitation design developed to present your invitation cards in a luxury way. This box comes with padded interior and padded lid, it’s featuring our silver plated crystal brooch and has a hinged lid. You can buy this luxury design from Dennis Wisser now exclusively online on our website. if you are event planner or a business looking to buy at large volume you can get in touch with us and send your wholesale inquiry.

  • Box measurements: 7*7*1 inches outer box size (on in bespoke size)
  • Material: Sturdy cardboard laminated with satin silk
  • Usage: Invitation card presentation
  • Minimum order: 70 pieces
  • What’s included: Custom color premium silk box with sash and quality rhinestone brooch (Color of silk, ribbon, brooch plating and crystal color can be chosen by you)
  • Color: Off-white silk box with ocean blue sash
  • Handmade: handmade quality box design from Thailand
  • Wholesale: We are Thai manufacturer and provide this wedding box also for wholesale
  • Export: Via DHL express which takes 3-4 days after order is completed

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