Embellished Black Silk Gate-Fold Invitation Featuring Pearl Crown Clasp Brooches


Crown Brooch Embellished Black Gate Fold Wedding Invitation Folder With Pockets For Wedding Cards


Fine padded exterior, embellished with crown brooches and thick padding are just some features that make this folio invitation unforgettable for your wedding or event guest.
Pictured here with black A grade silk and black double faced satin ribbon.
Pocket holder and silk corners on the inner of this silk folder makes it easy to place invitation cards elegantly into the slots. A premium quality and hand-made finish ensure long lasting quality.

  1. Mailing box: This invitation creation can be ordered with suitable custom made black card-stock mailing boxes upon request.
  2. Add extras: Extras including logo print or monogram embroidery are possible upon request by our clients.
  3. Customize it: Custom size or adding extra padding are other options that are frequently requested by our clients and are possible to realise by our team as well.
  4. Ordering sample: if you love this folio invitation as much as we do how about ordering a sample with silk/ ribbon swatch set today and let us express the sample kit to you within 3 days.


  • Material: Faux silk
  • Color: Black silk, black ribbon
  • Style: Embellished wedding gate-fold invitation
  • Usage: Send out wedding or event invitation cards in a luxury way
  • Product Measurements: 8×6″ or custom size
  • Customize it: This invitation style can be customized in your size, color and embellishment style
  • Price: The shown price is retail, please contact for wholesale price if you are a reseller

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