Luxury Golden Monogram Debossed Velvet Invitation Design


Luxury monogram invitation with golden velvet designed by Dennis Wisser


Stylish velvet folder featuring monogram debossing from Dennis Wisser. Handmade in Thailand and available in a variation of colors and sizes. Pocket holder and corner holder for invitation cards.
We create our velvet laminated folder mostly for wedding and event invitations. The clients invitation cards are placed onto the inside of the folder. The pocket and corner holder hold the cards in place.
Customisation of size and color is possible, all parts are handmade. This folder is used by clients that need high end quality invitations for their events.

Material: Velvet
Color: Gold
Style: Vertical design for invitation cards
Size: 5.5×7.5 inches
Usage: Stationary stores, wedding stores, wedding invitations, event planner, wedding planner
Customize it: We will stamp your own monogram or logo onto each folder
Feature: Debossed monogram, pocket holder, handmade

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