Luxury Necklace Jewelry Packaging Boxes


Unique & Luxury Jewellery Box Covered With Silk For Wholesale Buyers.


Unique handcrafted silk jewellery box in ivory. The inside and outside of this amazing design is padded. Outside the lid there is a small monogram embroidery. This is where we will embroider your company logo or initials. Customisation of size and color is possible and you are invited to contact us for more details.
Our factory is specialised in manufacturing all kinds of paper and textile covered jewellery boxes. We have also recently been working on suede and leather packaging boxes for jewellery. Thus style was crafted for necklaces or larger bracelets. The necklace is locked under the elastic band and is protected by the padded interior from damage.

Material: Dupioni silk
Color: Ivory
Size: 4x4x1.25 inches
Usage: Jewelry and ornament packaging solution for high end jewellery

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