Luxury Pearl Embellished Wedding Envelope


Fine hand-crafted wedding envelopes, covered in silk, embellished with luxury brooches and buckle of your choice.

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Luxury wedding envelope featuring silk and pearl brooch embellishment. We used string cardboard and covered it with silk, then embellished it with a brooch and added a magnet lock. The interior is lined with silk for high quality look and feel. Choose from hundreds of colors. Customise this elegant envelope with us in size and with embellishment the way you like it.

Feature: Embellished with peal brooch, silver plated with ivory pearls and clear crystal. High gloss polished magnet lock
Product measurements: 4×9 inches
Material: Silk
Color: Navy blue
Usage: Event invitations, baby shower invitations, party invitations, wedding cards
Feature: Magnet lock, large pearl brooch, silk laminated, high quality

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