Luxury Personalized Silk & Velvet Candy Box


Handcrafted velvet candy boxes featuring tassel & ribbon bow embellishment designed by Dennis Wisser and sold to retail and wholesale buyers


Beautiful hand-crafted silk candy box with velvet lid, tassel hanger and two inches double faced satin bow.

Box measurements: 3.5*3.5×2.25 inches
Material: 100% silk with velvet lid
Feature: Hinged lid with tassel and 2 inches satin bow embellishment
Color: Gold
Usage: Personalized Silk & Velvet Candy Box
Customize the color: This design comes also in silver, dark brown, black, dark grey, wine red and over 100 other colors
Wholesale: We sell this candy box also to wholesale buyers at factory price
Export: Exported worldwide by DHL express
Production time: 12-20 days for orders 200 pieces or more
Minimum order 50 boxes only

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Weight 0.25 kg


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