Metallic Silver Wax Sealed Mailing Envelope Box


You can now mail out all your custom invitations in style with our custom sizes envelope boxes that feature durable coated cardboard and 3 M tape closure. Order in featured or custom color


Picture shows an example of our custom sized mailing envelope boxes that can be ordered in custom size to match any hardcover invitations, boxed invitations or corporate gift boxes featured on our website. Besides silver cardboard we can manufacture mailing boxes in various colors including matte white, black, custom printed cardboard or cover the boxes with micro-suede. Each box can be purchased with custom wax seal or hot foil stamped monograms. Please message us prior order to discuss your customizations and prices first.

  • Size: 7.5×7.5×1.25″ (Suitable for 7.25×7.25×1″ boxes) Custom size possible
  • Minimum order: 100 boxes
  • Material: Silver coated cardboard
  • Usage: Mailing box envelope for invitation cards, invitation boxes and hard-cover invitations
  • Color: Metallic silver
  • Box type: Folding box
  • Closure: Original 3 M brand tape closure
  • Delivery: World-wide delivery using DHL express
  • Custom: Can be ordered in custom size
  • Wholesale: Sold to wholesale buyers (event planners or related businesses) at wholesale price
  • Price: Featured price is set higher, for bulk orders we will provide discounted bulk order prices
Exampels of available wax seal stamps and colors
Exampels of available wax seal stamps and colors


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