Monogram Embroidered Linen Box For Wedding Invitation Cards


Our factory is specialised in fine packaging boxes including linen boxes that can be used for event invitations.


Super stylish invitation box with monogram embroideries on the doors inside and padded interior/exterior. Environment friendly high end packaging box design covered and trimmed entirely with pure 100% linen fabric (machine woven origin). Different colors including blush pink, white, ivory or navy blue are available as well up[on request. The best is you get in touch with us and discuss the size and color you have in mind as well as quantity and factory price when ordering in large quantities.

Product measurements: 7x7x1 inches
Material: 100% linen fabric
Usage: Luxury high end packaging box for invitation cards of all kind (wedding invitations, baby shower invitations, event invitations)
Features: Customized embroidery which means our clients monogram embroidery in custom design and color will be embroidered onto each box
Extra: Extra adding of pockets behind doors or fabric corner holder on bottom instead of a ribbon holder are possible.
Style: Natural style for people that like environment friendly materials but still need a high end look and feel

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