Mulberry Paper Flower For Wedding Decor & Packaging Embellishment


Handcrafted paper designs made of 100% hand-made mulberry paper from Chiang Mai, Thailand. We use mulberry paper for our packaging boxes, folio invitations as well as decorative flowers since 2006


Hand-made mulberry paper flowers for wholesale from ur factory in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Our flower designs have high quality, are manufactured out of mulberry paper and connected, glued by hand. Enjoy high quality that is manufactured only for export. We offer special packaging for the flower designs, usually 12 pieces are packed in one plastic case. Packaging in boxes is possible as well.

Flower measurements: 8 cm diameter with a hight of around 4 cm
Material: 100% mulberry paper
Color: Various colors available including orange, deep pink, aqua blue, black, ivory, cream or upon request
Custom order: We can manufacture paper flowers in size and style the way you need the design made for your event, just contact us

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