Mystic Blue Custom Invitation Box With Luxury Diamond Clasp


Professional manufactured boxed custom invitation with high quality diamond clasp


Be special, be unique! This boxed custom invitation has style and comes at affordable cost. Featured is a diamond clasp in silver with rhinestones, padded interior, padded exterior and pocket holder behind the doors. The bottom has decent ribbon holder on corners across to hold the main invitation card. Use this elegant style not only for wedding cards but for invitations of all occasions. Impress guest and feel confident that your invitations will be special. This box comes in shown color or in your own color theme and can be ordered with specific measurements.  Let us know how your custom invitation shall look like.

Feature: Silver plated diamond clasp
Material: Silk
Embellishment: Rhinestone clasp, clear crystal, silver plated with 2 inches ribbon
Wholesale: This product is also sold for wholesale, please contact to send inquiry
Color: Mystic blue silk with burlap double faced satin silk ribbon
Style: Boxed custom invitation
Product Measurements: 6x7x1 inches

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