Orange Mudmee Design Thai Silk Shawl


Beautiful mudmee silk shawl in bright orange and blue color.


This silk shawl is featuring traditional muddle pattern or so called “ikat” in a bright orange color. traditional pattern originated from Thailand’s Khorat plateau. Discover our all new  traditional geometric and sometimes zoomorphic motifs of original mudmee Thai silk stocked here in Chiang Mai, Thailand.
Polyester/silk mix fabric enables lower cost. Usually such hand-woven silk shawls are sold at USD 15.00/piece if made with 100% silk.
Now available for you to purchase at great wholesale price. The color and size can vary from piece top piece as each single shawl is hand-made.
If you have question or need a specific silk shawl from Thailand, contact us by e-mail, we will get back to you very fast.

Material: 80% Thai silk, 20% Polyester silk
Measurements: 40 cm wide x 180 cm long
Color: Orange with blue accents
Wholesale: All our silk shawls are also sold for wholesale
Export: We export worldwide with DHL express

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