Padded Light Blue Silk Envelope With Star Brooch Embellishment


Light blue silk envelope with star brooch embellishment in three fold design featuring magnet lock


Our silk envelopes are a unique way to impress guest of any kind of event. It’s fine silk and royal looking rhinestone brooch will guarantee long lasting impression.
Padded exterior with large brooch embellishment. Light blue silk. The envelope unfolds in three parts with a ribbon holder and silk holder on the inside. The design can be closed and then locket with a small magnet button. hand-crafted in Thailand, our designs are world famous for it’s uniqueness and high quality. Invite your guest like a celebrity with silk invitations from

Material: Faux silk
Color: Light blue
Style: Invitation envelope with embellishment and pockets.
Usage: Wedding invitation, event invitation, country club invitation, birthday invitations
Product Measurements: 8×5″

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