Brooch Embellished Wedding Scroll Box


Purple scroll box, laminated with silk, padded and embellished with a small rhinestone brooch on the padded lid.


Padded silk covered rhinestone brooch lift lid scroll box. High quality silk box product designed by Dennis Wisser in Thailand. This box comes in various colors and can be custom made in the size that suit your scroll invitation.

Product measurements:  15*3*2 inches (INNER BOX SIZE)
Color: Purple silk, silver plated crystal brooch
Material: Sturdy cardboard laminated with 100% silk inside and outside
Feature: Padded interior, padded exterior, elegant ribbon bow embellishment
Usage: Luxury silk packaging box for wedding scrolls. The size of the box can be customized determined on your scroll measurements
Extras: Add pocket holder, corner holder, ribbon holder or ribbon tongue free of charge
Choice: This luxury silk scroll box is available in over 200 silk and ribbon colors
Monogram: Monogram embroideries or foil stamp can be added upon request for wedding and formal events of family reunion etc.
Quality: High quality product designed and manufactured in Thailand

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