Santa Claus’s Reindeer Brooch & Buckle With Rhinestone Crystal


Discover The World Of Santa Claus’s Reindeer Brooches & Buckles Featuring Rhinestones


Place your wholesale orders of our trendy Santa Claus’s Reindeer embellishments for the Christmas holiday season. Brooches and buckle can be customised in  gold or silver, color of the crystal stones can be changed upon request by our clients. Place your orders today or contact if you have specific requirements or wish to receive a discount price for a very large order.
Can be easily attached to ribbon or textiles. Upon request this design can be ordered with stitch pin or clip to attach to dresses. This is the perfect Christmas embellishment you have been waiting for.

Product measurements: Inner bar 10 mm wide, 20×23 mm outer size
Color shown: Silver plated with red and clear rhinestones
Usage: Christmas holiday and new year embellishment or table and chair decoration

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