Silver Silk Jewelry Box With Closure


Pure elegance! Brilliant 100% silk boxes for jewelry, watches or luxury gift packaging designed in Thailand and available for our retail and wholesale clients!


Since 2006 our factory has been designing elegant packaging products for jewelry and luxury gifts. This design is one of our classic hinged lid boxes with padded interior, padded exterior and a traditional fabric button closure.
Our wholesale clients are invited to order this box in their corporate colors, randed with a logo embroidery, foil stamp or embossed logo design on the lid or inside the box.

Material: Sturdy cardboard laminated with 100% silk
Color: Grey color with black button closure
Usage: Jewelry box, gift box, watch box
Box measurements: 4x6x3 inches
Customization: The size and color of this jewelry box design can be customized by us
Logo and branding: We can add logo embroideries, monograms, foil stamp or print onto or inside the box
Export: Orders will be send via DHL express
Wholesale: Our factory also offers all designs to businesses at factory price
Minimum order: Please order at least 50 boxes of this design

  • Reliable manufacturer of premium packaging solutions
  • Low factory prices for large orders
  • Premium quality
  • Express delivery via DHL
  • Unique colors and designs
  • Original
  • Customize boxes in teh size and design that suits your business


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