Sturdy Linen Textile Covered Light Brown Photo Box


Discover our modern and classic design linen boxes and linen stationary designs sold for wholesale and retaill with the option customise them to fulfil your packaging needs. This box suits perfect as a portfolio box, photo box or eco friendly invitation box for example for your wedding invitation cards.


Stylish light brown linen photo box with hinged lid. Featured in a light brown natural look, this elegant box design is perfect to keep your photo albums, portfolios, documents or invitation cards. The interior can be designed to suit your requirements. This means we are able to add inlays for USB sticks, pockets for CD’s or invitation cards inside. The price of this box will be up to how many boxes you order, what size and how difficult the design will be to manufacture. You are advised to contact us prior order discussing your details so that we are able to make you an offer.

Material: 100% linen textile covered sturdy recycled cardboard
Color: Beige (Natural linen color)
Measurements: 4×6.5×1.5 inches (This handmade box comes also in other sizes)
Usage: use this box for your photo albums, invitation cards, product packaging like DVD’s, USB sticks or spa gift sets
Feature: Handmade, eco friendly, stylish
Handmade: Handmade product of Thailand
Quality: High quality design
Personalize: We can add foil stamp, emboss or deboss your logos onto or inside the box lid, customise size or print and embroider logos onto the box
Modern: This is one of our modern and authentic box designs for your stationery needs

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