Vintage Style Logo Printed Packaging Boxes


Creative hand-crafted Vintage packaging boxes with logo or graphic printed lid, handmade in Chiang Mai, designed by Dennis Wisser


Here in our workshop in Chiang Mai we create unique packaging boxes for your business presentation, event invitation or product packaging. This vintage style packaging box comes in various colors and is featuring our linen fabric. The size and color can be customized. The interior of the box can be crafted with inlays, separations or pockets for cards.

Material: 100% linen laminated sturdy cardboard
Color: Medium brown
Usage: Packaging of premium gifts, wedding cards, invitations or CD’s, mailing box
Features: Handmade, environment friendly, left lid, extras like pockets, USB-stick holder, card holder can be added
Size: 5x5x1 inches or in a custom size
Unique: Unique handmade packaging box from Chiang Mai, Thailand

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