White Invitation Folder For Wedding And Formal Invitation Cards


Invite in white with our luxury white wedding invitation creations featuring our best selling crystal crown clasp embellishments


Invite your guest with our best selling white invitation folder design with padded exterior and pocket holder for your invitation cards. Our creative rhinestone pair brooch embellished silk folder are perfect for luxury wedding invitation projects, gala invitation cards or formal invitations for your corporate event. Our high quality and elegant appearance will be loved by your guest.

Folder measurements: 7×7 inches
Color: White silk, silver ribbon, silver pearl crown brooch
Feature: Rhinestone pair crystal clasp, pockets behind doors inside for cards, ribbon holder in center for main card, padded exterior
Usage: Wedding cards, invitation cards for gala invitations, formal invitations
Wholesale: This luxury invitation design is also available for wholesale
Customize: Size and color can be customized with us in different color and size than online
Monogram: We can add monogram embroidery or foil stamp to personalise your invitations

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