Beige Medium Size Mulberry Paper Gift Box


Handmade mulberry paper box with beautiful texture manufactured in our factory in Chiang Mai, Thailand for worldwide export. Buy our handmade paper boxes for wholesale and retail and best price.


Environment friendly eco packaging box made with beautiful handmade mulberry paper from our area. Hand-crafted with lift lid in rectangle shape and sturdy cardboard.

Material: Sturdy recycled cardboard, handmade mulberry paper
Box measurements: 6*8*3 inches (We are flexible on the size you need)
Color: Beige
Usage: Wedding box, keepsake box, gift box, DIY packaging
Style: Lift lid box
Shape: Rectangle shape
Customize: We can add foil stamp, logo print or print graphic onto the box
Wholesale: Our factory works close with stationery stores and packaging business worldwide, contact for factory price

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