Black Boxed Wedding Invitation With Luxury Rhinestone Clasp & Purple Ribbon


Invite in style with invitations your guest will all long remember. Highlighted are various silk covered designs in unique shaped and sizes.

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Here we have one of our very famous luxury gatefold wedding invitation boxes, covered in black silk. The box is shown with lour large rhinestone clasp embellishment that is now also available in gold. Padded on the inside and outside with this unique embellishment makes this creation just outstanding. Invite to whatever event you are planning, wedding, birthday party or probably a anniversary, our hand-made invitation boxes will be second to none. The box measures 7.27×7.25×1 inches and can of course also ordered in a custom size if requested by our clients. Different colors are available, too.

Product measurements: 7x7x1″
Product color: black silk with a dark purple two inches wide ribbon
Special: Trend invitation design for stylish people!

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