Black In Black Dupioni Silk Wedding Invitation Folder & Silver Rhinestone Clasp


Handmade invitations can make a very big difference when it comes to special events, check out this hand-made design and find out why.


Black in black invitation folder, hand-made with thick dupioni silk in black, embellished with double faced A grade satin ribbon and our famous rhinestone clasp.
Pocket holder behind both doors and extra silk corners promise plenty of possibilities to add invitation cards, RSVP cards or even menu cards. This hand-made wedding invitation is available in various sizes and can also be ordered in a different color. Clients are warmly welcome to get in touch with us prior bulk order so we can discuss prices and order details.

Material: Dupioni silk
Color: Black silk and black ribbon
Style: Gatefold invitation
Minimum order: 100 pieces, smaller quantities can be ordered but cost are higher
Usage: Presentation of invitation cards, whatever wedding, event or birthday, every occasion deserves a special invitation presentation
Product Measurements: 6×8″ useable size (Means your invitation cards should be slightly smaller)
Wholesale: Please contact us for prices

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