Foldable Fully Biodegradable Mulberry Paper Urn


Our biodegradable urns are cremation urns that are made from 100% natural mulberry paper and recycled cardboard materials which ensures they will naturally biodegrade after a short period of time. Stay environmentally friendly with mulberry boxes hand-crafted in our factory in Chiang Mai, Thailand.


Biodegradable urns will have positive effect for our planet. More cremation services offer our boxes which helps our planet to stay just a little bit cleaner every day. This product can be ordered with logo print, in custom size or color. Also manufactured are custom sized foldable envelope boxes with embellishment.


  • Material: Recycled cardboard covered with hand-made 100% natural mulberry paper bark
  • Usage: Urn for ocean, traditional cremation
  • Box size: 7x7x11 inches or custom size
  • Box style: Lift lid box, foldable, easy assemble with 3M brand tape connector
  • Shape: Square, rectangle
  • Wholesale: We wholesale all kinds of paper cremation urns
  • Delivery: Worldwide express delivery
  • Price: Please contact us to receive a quote


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